Hi, I’m Cory.

You might remember me from such sentences as: ‘Where’s Cory?’, ‘I hope Cory’s OK.’ or ‘Dammit, Cory, that’s my wife!

I did pull kind of a Dave Chapelle disappearing act on you guys for a while there. Except, instead of flying to Africa with 50 million dollars, I did none of those things.

Your concern warmed my cold, tiny heart and I owe you an explanation. Here you go:


You guys could all fit in my lap. Which I’m totally into.

Seriously, though, it gets like 200 readers on a good day. And while I appreciate and love the dedicated following, the world in general just ain’t that into WYH.

So I’ve been spending time on more productive outlets for my talents.

Don’t worry. I love the comic and the kids in it, so this isn’t me pulling the plug. This is just me saying updates are gonna be wildly inconsistent going forward. I’m not breaking up with you, I’m just saying I won’t be faithful and I hope you’re OK with that.

I’m writing a book, I’m drawing a book, I’m maybe working my way back into syndication. Add to that the freelance gigs I take to put PB on my J, and well…

What I’m saying is that your wife really loves you and you should work it out.