I’m Cory Thomas, an artist and bikini mud wrestler based in Atlanta, Georgia. I spent my deformative years in Trinidad, a small island nation famous for its giant, laser-toting robots and the Annual World Championships of Monkey Kickboxing.

Substituting comic books for friends, I got pretty good at drawing and loneliness. Soon I was one of the top six-year-olds in my field with the introduction of my ground-breaking ‘Comet Cat’ comic series that could be found on crumpled notebook paper in garbage cans everywhere.

One day, I folded myself into a crate of used tires and stowed away to the United States , where I pretended to study at Howard University. That was where Watch Your Head began as a sort of weekly feature for the school paper.

In 2006, WYH became a real live grown up comic strip. It appeared daily in a bunch of newspapers to absolutely no acclaim whatsoever. In 2014, I ended the strip’s newspaper run as well as my marriage of convenience to Piper Laurie. Now I’m webcomicking, illustrating and graphic designing all over the place. Yay.

If you like me, hate me or know where money is buried, you can e-mail me: planetcory@gmail.com