WATCH YOUR HEAD follows the lives of five college students as they awkwardly negotiate adulthood. They come from different backgrounds and cultures to the campus of Douglass University, a historically black college. They are:


Kevin Chandler abandoned his life in Canada to be with his long distance girlfriend, Robin. Only to find out that Robin has no idea who he is. Now he's freaking out. Things didn't exactly go as planned. And life is a harrowing nightmare without plans.


Dana Frazier has everything you want. Everything that comes with rich parents. And you can take it all away from her as far as she's concerned. She already tried making an escape from it last summer, running off on a whim with one of the hired help. That went horribly wrong for her. She's pissed.


Robin Bell is Dana's best friend and roommate. She knows exactly what she wants to be in life. Happy at all costs. And if the cost of being happy is turning her world into a stressful, complicated, unraveling mess, then bring it on!


Omar Rivera is black and latino and proud and has the picket signs to prove it. He's out to expose corruption at the highest levels of government. Or maybe at the cafeteria. There's some kind of meal card scam happening there.


Quincy Cole would like to remind you that he's from New York. Upstate New York. The greatest general vicinity in the world! He grew up in a loving home with his kindly grandma so it's important that he proves he's no punk. Did he mention he's from New York?