083 – Backstage Pass

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  1. Alberecht

    Aaaah! so we DO get at least a maintenance dose, yaay! Thank you Cory. As a WAPO subscriber (print edition, old school, always will be) I have Lots of beef with their comics pages (WHY won’t they bring back Snuffy Smith, goldurn’it!?!?), but I hold their cancelling you for whatever lame-o strip they replaced you with as one of their highest crimes.

  2. dbmicc

    The new comic is indeed more fleshed out. With depth and subtlety and drawing and puns. It is a shame you haven’t found a venue with more readership.

  3. Oatsdad

    IIRC, the Post replaced “WYH” with “Reply All”.

    So they substituted a smart, clever, well-drawn strip with arguably the least intelligent, ugliest strip I’ve ever seen.

    Nice job, WaPo! :(

  4. Jnny

    I can’t beleive so few people read this wonderfuil comic. When I’m in a hurry, I just read it off the RSS feed. Can you counting people who are just reading from the feed?

    • Cory

      Nope. Just who visits the site.

      • Jnny

        Maybe make the feed image tiny to force people to the site. A lot of web comics are doing that now.

        • Nina

          Agreed. I sometimes read it off the RSS feed too when I’m in a hurry and if you made it tiny or just added a link to the site (like Danielle does over at Girls With Slingshots for example) we’d all eagerly show up on the site.

          • Cory

            I considered that when I first set it up. But then I thought, ‘If I was a reader, I’d find that really annoying.’

  5. Mike Johnson

    Thanks for the info. The site is a daily stop for me. So you have my 1 little bean to count…

  6. Mzcue

    Does it count when we come more than once in a day? I check daily, sometimes more than once, just to be sure I don’t miss anything. (Still having happy chuckles over Dana’s victory in the last arc.)

  7. Robert

    Dr. Brain Surgeon is such a great villain name. Poor Howard, trapped in an obsession he never made.
    And the actress’s side eye in the last panel is perfect. You do wonderful reaction faces.

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