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  1. mark


    • Albrektik

      All I can say is Yaaaay, as well. ‘Course I’ve forgotten that Cory in this reality isn’t the Cory from the original.

      But now yes. Let the story (re)begin!!)

  2. Catbunny


  3. Fred

    Adjusting seat for the story. Yayyy! Popcorn, please

  4. Jnny

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay for me too!

  5. Mike Jay

    Hallelujah!!! Now we’re rolling…

  6. Cocoa

    Thank ya, thank ya! It’s baaacccckkkkk!

  7. StevieB

    Yeah. Back. We’re droolin’ like P-doggies. Cory’s not so convinced that he should bust any sweat over continuing, I think.

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