074 – She Done Him Wrong

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  1. Mike Johnson

    “totally going down’? Dana is very literal, and you Sir, are a tease… I am loving this interaction. Kevin is being drawn in kicking and screaming. He will assimilate. Resistance is futile…

  2. elain genser

    first, she is MUCH cuter than Robin… he’s an idiot. But then, he is a Canayjun, like me. What do we know about American Black Culture? only what we see on tv. West Indian Black? maybe a little bit more…. have fun in the sun.

  3. Robert

    Well, that first panel tells us this is not a newspaper comic strip. Well, that and the fact that you’re still alive. Nice pacing in the last three panels.

    Enjoy the wedding and family togetherness, and bring us back some Trinidoodads. Or at least a toboggan.

  4. Bhunivelze

    For anyone else interested, there’s a free preview of Public School Superhero over at Issuu. 36 pages, almost half of it illustrations (so it is a bit odd that 2 of the 3 creators credited on the cover).

    Enjoy the malaria-infused hiatus/vacation Cory!

  5. Tom of NC

    We need you back.

    • Cory

      We get this thing rolling again next week.

  6. DB

    Am I wrong for thinking “giggety, giggety” after reading that last panel?

    • Cory

      You wouldn’t be the only one.

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