91 – Driven to Succeed

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  1. Tarik

    Thanks for dropping this update on us Corey! This is a nice little way to sum up this past election cycle.

  2. Prof. Wilmot

    You should go back to Africa gnomesayin ma nigga

  3. tb

    Please, do another WYH for above.

    • Cory

      More to come. Working on a project. We continue rolling after that. It’s already written. The good Professor would be proud.

  4. Elberikticus

    Man o man….sorry I am late back to the party. I had given up but had the bookmark. Glad to see you again, Cory!

  5. Megan

    So @JuliusGoat put up a link to a new blog post on Twitter, and said (excellent) blog post included a panel from your Day-After-The-Election comic and a link to the Splinter piece with it in full. I thought was so evocative and on point (words and artwork both) that I followed the links to your site to see more of your work — and ended up reading the entire archive of WYH in one sitting. Like I missed dinner, didn’t put the kids in bed… Just started with Chapter One and found myself here, immensely invested in characters I had no idea existed a few hours ago. If there is anything I can do to get the word out about this comic (and your work in general!), let me know. Even if you never update it again, it’s awesome and deserves more eyes on it regardless. I haven’t fallen into a comic like this since I found QuestionableContent.com years ago. <3

    • Cory

      It’s ok, Megan. Kids don’t need bedtimes or rules, and love will fill their bellies better than pasta.

      Thanks for the glowing review. Being compared to QC is…whoa. Stay tuned. It’s slow-going, but it’s not over. I have way more story to tell.

      As for how you can get the word out: If I was any good at marketing this thing, you would’ve heard of it by now. All I can say is show it to your comic-reading friends, and bring it up whenever people talk about dope things. Tell them it’s Hamilton. I dunno. Meanwhile, I’ll do my part to keep it dope.

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