049 – Child Support

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  1. Robert

    There are a variety of ways for Dana to handle this. None of them good, mind you, but still a variety.

  2. Nina

    A high school friend of mine, who was somewhat… odd, used to forgo visiting the dorm bathroom and instead took care of his needs in a series of Gatorade bottles which, when they got too full, he simply emptied out of his 8th story window, medieval-Edinburgh-style. He, too, did not have a roommate.

    • Cory

      ‘Pee bottle’ was the original joke, but I backed down at the last moment.

      • Nina

        Ah, sorry to take it there.

        • Cory

          Nah, it was the better joke. I just wondered about how many people would’ve taken it as an actual thing I really did. I should’ve stuck to my pee bottle guns.

  3. trE

    “I’m not having any more kids.” LOL. I hear you, Dana.

  4. Pete Rogan

    I can dig the spit bottle. I knew a guy down the hall (fortunately) who used to chaw. But in his case, it was a spit Quaker Oats can. I haven’t been able to touch Quaker Oats since 1978.

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