065 – Hired Muscle

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  1. Robert

    Huh. So that’s Jason in Predator mode. Well, I understand her lapse of judgment better now – and his judgment of lapses.

    • Cory

      Nicely put.

  2. Nina

    The facial expressions continue to be perfect. The art is really outstanding.

    • Cory

      It’s alright. Thank you kindly.

  3. that circle panel is awesome…your art (and writing) really shines with this format…having to crunch everything you want to say and draw into 4 small panels is rough…When I worked on Rip Haywire’s graphic novel the freedom I had with all that space was an awesome experience…a lot of work but an awesome experience…

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    • Cory

      Thanks for the ego boost. Yeah, most of my early inspiration came from the comic book world, so my writing/drawing sensibilities have always been closer to that. Wish I could take more time on each ‘page’ instead of churning them out.

      I can tell you’re having fun on those Rip Haywire Sunday strips. It shows.

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