072 – Summit All Up

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  1. Nina

    Nice job with Jason’s outfit– such simplicity, such subtle yet glaring douchiness.

    • Cory

      Warms ma heart when people notice the small touches.

  2. Bryan Duncan

    “disappear up your own asshole”. I am definitely going to use that phrase at least once today! Can’t wait for what follows the cackle.

  3. Mike Johnson

    Knew Dana wasn’t gonna take this lying down. The pain train is coming, Jason 2.0, and you’re on the tracks…

  4. Tarik

    It’s been a bit of a slow burn but I feel like I’m watching one of those old Spy vs Spy flicks where Dana is about to drop a safe on Jasons head and theres a lit bomb inside. Bang…Boom!

  5. Trace Troop
  6. DemetriosX

    For the first 3 panels, it was entirely possible that Dana was bluffing, but she looks so… bored and blase in panel 4 that there’s no question she has a plan. I was wondering if the plan is hers or her mom’s, but I’ve decided it’s hers. Mom’s plan would probably end with Jason floating face down in a pool with several times the lethal dose of cocaine in his system.

  7. Reid Van Sluys

    Wow. This IS getting good. I hope Dana drops a house on this scum bucket.

  8. Robert

    I just love love LOVE Dana’s entire expression in the last panel. Jason, welcome to World o’ Hurt, population You.

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