086 – Know Your Role

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  1. Alberecht

    Thank you again Cory. Hope that your other endeavours are proving productive and putting the PB on the J (maybe even some BL on the T, if you roll that way). And I cannot WAIT to see Dana reward Kevin for his part in vanquishing Jason

    • Cory

      Reward’s already there. He just has to come claim it.

      • Alberecht

        I’ll be as old as Mister Nimmons when that lad gets around to claiming. BTW since it has already been remarked, this nouveau Dana is majorly way hot(ter than the old version). Kevin just going to need some encouragement

  2. Mike Johnson

    Good to see an update, Cory… Hope all is well…

    • Cory

      I’m chillin’.

  3. manfarang

    Still checkin’ in every day.

  4. tb

    I’m still checking daily also.
    It is a weird parallel universe since the old strips right now are making this movie. I like the new version, so give us some more, please.

  5. Alberecht

    Yup and yup! I was figuring that Cory timed out for the Comic Con, but hoped that he’d be back by now. On the gripping hand, since these comments are showing up, he must still be alive, at least.

    Hope all’s well, Cory

  6. Alberecht

    Another week, another No-Cory =[

    Gettin’ worried ’bout’cha, son….

  7. Mike Johnson

    IDK, But I think we’ve seen the last of this comic. Think Cory is on to bigger and better things. Sad for us, but I’m very happy for him and wish him well…

    • Alberecht

      I certainly hope you are right, ART ‘bigger and better’ aspect. Cory is a talent and deserves success. Our loss here. I still fault the WAPO for dumping him, but their choice in print comics is more than suspect. Dumped Get Fuzzy for excessive reruns, but happily waste page space on 50-yr old Peanuts. Only a matter of time till they bring back Snuffy Smiff

  8. Cocoa

    Been checking here regularly for new comic still no Cory. If he’s moved on then I wish him all the best. Really enjoyed this comic. The characters and story lines were awesome.

  9. Mike Johnson

    Lurking again… Tumbleweeds rolling… Hope Cory is okay…

    • Alberecht

      Tumbleweeds…… and crickets……

  10. Mike Johnson

    …I just hope they leave the page up… At least we can read the archives – again – for the 3rd time – or is that just me?

    • Alberecht

      Hey Mike,

      You wanna be Vladimir, or Estragon?

      Again, it seems the comic will not be coming today “but surely tomorrow.”

      I sure hope everything’s OK for him

      • Mike Johnson

        2 sides of the same coin, iirc Alberecht… I sure miss this strip. Sending good vibes Cory’s way…

        • Alberecht

          Just checking in (hope springing eternally, y’know…)

          Tripped on a sun-bleached ol’ cattle skull. I fear it’s well and truly over

          • Mike Johnson

            Yep… Looking that way… Been back a few times without posting. **crickets**

  11. Alberecht

    And cobwebs…. sort of appropriate, given the season

  12. Catbunny

    Hello from the other side of the screen.
    Is the comic dead?

  13. Jay

    So is it safe to assume this won’t get updated anymore?

    • Cory

      Nothing is safe, Jay.

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