Readers of the original WYH recognize Reboot Kevin as a combo of best friends, Preboot Kevin and Preboot Cory. Why? I just didn’t like ‘me’ being a major player in the comic anymore, but I liked writing that panicky nerd character. And, sure, I could’ve still used Preboot Cory and just changed his name to Bruce or something. But I didn’t choose that option because I didn’t think of it until four seconds ago.

So instead I sort of made Kevin into the panicky nerd character while sort of staying Kevin. But I’ve got to be careful about the balance. Too much and he runs the risk of being the ‘dorky white guy learning life lessons from cool black people’ cliche. Which is a boring trope and hard to defend to people who don’t know the original comic. So, yeah, I’m still figuring Kevin out.

One thing’s for sure: this panicky nerd isn’t afraid of talking to girls like Cory was. What he says to them however…