I got a message at the end of the daily strip chastising me for ending things without Robin losing weight. Apparently, I was sending a terrible message to young girls that went shamefully uncorrected.

I’ve gotten a few comments about Robin over the years. Nobody ever complained about Quincy, though. Then again, fat dudes never generate much protest. Girls, though… girls owe society attractiveness according its own tyrannical standards.

That’s the message I’m supposed to shove down their throats too, I guess.

But there’s already a lot of messages out there letting girls know that they should feel like garbage about themselves and their bodies. They don’t need my dumb comic to teach them that. I’d rather show them that it’s OK to exist. To look how they look and still be a person of value with interests, dreams, accomplishments, friends and dudes who think they’re hot stuff.

So: Is she fat? Yeah, Robin’s fat. Don’t be a Quincy about it.