This is the kind of PG13 content that I couldn’t pull off in newspapers. The outrage! This comic could generate as many as five letters to the comic editor. And .00001 percent of the readership is apparently nothing to sneeze at.

Judging from most letters, more grandmothers than you’d think (pretend to) read the comic section with their little ones perched preciously on their laps. Constantly having to cover their poor baby’s eyes because a beatnik lights a cigarette or a cartoon pig says, ‘butt.’ It’s enough to send them spiraling, crafting angry notes fulminating about the corruption of  infants (who don’t really exist). Longing for the old days when comics were sweet and innocent and Mutt & Jeff were totally not degenerate grifters.

Not sure how these imaginary kiddies navigate the blood, violence and sex that make up the rest of the newspaper, though. Maybe Grandma tells them it’s just make believe and that everything will be OK.